Coach Marc & Amoney Staff,
     You guys are truly one of a kind! It is simply but the best program I have ever put my son into. From instruction, discipline, hard work, enthusiasm, and having fun it is remarkable what you and your coaches bring to the table every game and practice! It is a program we look forward to being part of for many more years to come!
- Dan

Coach Marc,
     Those are some pretty incredible accomplishments this season, congrats. Just wanted to thank you once again for everything this season. Coming from a long-time coach, you have that special ability to figure out how to reach through to each individual player and get the most out of them and that's the difference between a good coach and a great coach. Any kid who gets the chance to play for you is very fortunate.
- Bob

Coach Marc & All Amoney Coaches,
     Marc being involved in your program for 2 years now I never thought it could even get better, and you proved me wrong once again! Season after season the program gets more and more exciting! All the coaches you have brought into the program are true coaches and mentors to all the kids! You and the coaches teach them not only how to play basketball the right way, but how to be positive role models in school and in life! The Amoney program is like no other! Thanks for all you have done in making John a better player and person!
- Albert

Coach Frankie has done an amazing job with the girls. Thank you again,
- Patrice

Thanks so much for a great program. Paige feels like she learned a lot and says that you are a great coach! Please keep us in the loop on your future plans.
- Suzanne

Coach Gold,
     Very heartfelt thanks for all you did for Billy this season. He LOVED playing for you and many times talked to me about "how much more free" he felt in his playing and how much he learned in terms of technique and strategy. Thank you for building his confidence and his understanding of the game. All the best,
- Diana and Mike

     Thanks for always being so wonderful to my children, they think the world of you, and so do we too!
- Nancy

Coach Marc,
     Thanks for doing such a great job coaching her this spring and pushing her to be a better player in all aspects of the game. Regards,
- Greg

Hey Coach Money! I just read the story online. That's great for the A$Money organization!. Congratulations, well deserved! The boys will certainly get a kick out of reading about themselves as well. I'll be sure to pick up a copy of the paper on my way home from work today.
Thanks, Marc

,      Jim loves playing on the AMoney team. He is growing tremendously as an athlete and person by this experience. You run a phenomenal program "Thanks for the AMAZING job with A$Money and must say that Coach Powe is one of the best I have seen!"
- Anne

Coach Frankie,
     First, congratulations on a great season and winning the league championship. Sam and I were very excited. I did notice a big difference in the team from the early game I attended and the later games. You did something that is often very hard to do with players in this age group, and that is teach them how to PLAY basketball (beyond, shooting dribbling, etc).You taught TEAM concepts! You have done an excellent job getting the girls to play as a team. Well done. You work the girls hard, and teach them in a very effective manner. You communicate very well with the team and are simply a GREAT coach!
- Greg

Dear Coach Marc,
     We just finished our winning season with Coach Powe (Boys 9th/10th Grade) and I wanted to write to tell you how truly talented Coach Powe is. This was our son Joey's first time with AMoney, and we couldn't have been more pleased with the experience. And Coach Powe!. His knowledge of the game and his ability to teach the boys made for the perfect learning situation. Coach Powe has a very instructive, self-assured way about himself. . He respects the boys and instills confidence in them. This is reflected in the presence they have on the court -- sure of their skills and secure in their ability to succeed. He also fosters tremendous team spirit and team work. we will certainly look to play for AMoney in the future!
- Maureen

Thank you Amoney for your dedication and hard work with our boys. So happy to hear how well all your teams did this Fall season. Bradley definitely enjoyed the experience!
Thank you! Joan

Marc is a phenomenal coach who has truly helped my son become a better ballplayer. He has a natural way with kids and seems to intuitively know what to say to motivate them. His upbeat style means my son is always looking forward to seeing him, whether at a private lesson or a team practice. He's been an incredible find.
- Alan, Milburn, NJ

Coach Marc is the best! He makes classes fun and the kids genuinely enjoy their time with him on the court. Marc has a great way of relating to kids; they listen to him and absorb the fundamentals that he teaches. Whether skills drills or running a birthday party, Coach Marc is the real deal!
- Nancy Wolk, Livingston, NJ

My son has been involved in organized sports for about 8 years now (basketball, football, baseball). Some of the most positive experiences he has enjoyed in this time frame have been with AMoneySportz. He has come away from AMoney with a much greater understanding of the game of basketball, team concepts and what its like to work hard and see results. We are in our 2nd year with AMoney and already looking forward to the 3rd.
- Michael, Parsippany, NJ

I have an 11 year old son, who is not very much into sports, but expressed the interest in basketball. We called Coach Marc Adler at Amoney sportz and asked him to give our son private lessons. He was wonderful with our son; he boasted his confidence and made him a much better player. He taught him great skills and techniques. He is so great with the kid's one on one as well as with a group. My son now plays for his spring basketball league and is doing so well. He has really begun to love and respect the game. Marc is a great person and a terrific coach. We look forward to our ongoing lessons with Marc every week.
- Nancy, Whippany, NJ

My daughters birthday was right around the corner, she was turning 9. She has alot of friends both girls and boys. At this age most of the girls are doing more girly parties and my daughter didnt want that. She wanted boys and girls. So Coach Marc at Amoney Sportz had a great idea for a birthday party. A field day extravaganza. The kids played dodge ball, ran relay races, tug of war, etc. The kids all had a BALL!!! The boys loved it and the girls loved it. It was a great party for all ages and for boys and girls. He even got the parents involved!!! Which the kids thought was terrific. If you're looking for a fast moving party for all ages Coach Marc has the party for you!
- Vinnie, Hanover, NJ

     Thanks Again for Alyssa's Birthday Party it was a huge hit!!!! KIDS had a ball!! She loved it. They all loved it!
- Vinnie, Whippany, NJ

Coach Marc,
     Thanks so much. I know he is in Very good hands with you!! I am so happy that we walked into the gym that day!! You were a special "find" in our lives!
- Kim, Hanover, NJ

To Coach Marc and his Amoney Sportz staff,
     You provided fun-filled birthday parties on two occasions for our kids at Gold's Gym. They kept the kids active and entertained with age appropriate games. Coach Marc and his staff related to the kids (of different ages) extremely well, so the kids didn't want the fun to end. I highly recommend their services!
- Katherine, Morris Plains, NJ

Hi Coach Marc, It's. Jake. I hope you had a good day!! I miss you! See you soon.Your buddy Jake.
- Jake, Livingston, NJ

Coach Marc,
     Matt had an AWESOME time in your clinic He really learned a lot. You are a GREAT Coach!! Thanks Again for a Great Job!!!
- Lara & Matt, Florham Park, NJ

Coach Marc,
     Alex and Drew are better players today because of you!! Andrew also wishes he could play for you! Let me know when you start a team his age!!
- Munmeet, Mendham, NJ